Thursday, March 29, 2012

Because more holes in my ears is so out

Yesterday I turned 35.
Thirty-five.  Which should be said in the E.T. sort of 'oooouch' voice. 

It's the five's that kill me I have decided.  Loved my birthdays till I hit 25.  Quarter life crisis as described by my friend Dyana.  Out of nowhere.  Then I was OK again after that.  Didn't exactly love 30 but I was pregnant with the twins... early 30's were OK but I started to find myself dreading 35 a few months early.  For no reason other than it seems scary close to 40 and I still feel 19 most days.  What I'm doing with a 6 year old and nearly 5 year old twins at 19 I don't have an answer for.

Have I also mentioned every single year between my anniversary and my birthday I have a sick child?  Not just a mild cold... I mean sick.  I knew this year would be no different.  Monday morning the Big Guy went to school totally fine.  I swear.  By the afternoon he was complaining his head hurt and his nose was running.  Tuesday morning?  Temp of 101 and he looked like he got hit by a truck.

Which brings me to yesterday.  Day 2 out of school, miserable trip to the pediatrician, diagnosis of Bronchitis.  Going out for a birthday dinner with Al and the boys cancelled.  Three boys fighting all day.  I was so depressed, how was this my day.  Had to hold the Bunny Bee down to remove a splinter from his arm while he screamed.  Far less glamorous than last year when I was sweatpants mommy of 3.  Al brought home Chinese takeout and the Doodle Bop ran up to me all excited and exclaimed 'Hey Mom!  Guess what!  Now you don't have to MAKE me dinner!  Daddy brought home Chinese!' 

During dinner the Big Guy was eating and suddenly screamed... followed by hysterical tears and shaking.  Hella panic ensues.  Turns out he felt another tooth go loose and he had an utter breakdown we could not really get him calmed down from (since losing teeth still terrifies him).  I thought we were over it with the last one but I guess not.

So yeah.  That.

Instead of feeling grateful for everything I do have, I was feeling like it was a pretty crappy day.  I wanted to go out and do something crazy.  When I was younger and each time I felt like that I would head to the mall and get another hole punched in my ears.  (I know, I was soooo wild.)  If only Al would have taken me, this time it would have been a tattoo.  (Since multiple holes in your ears are so out these days.) 

I kind of had to take a step back last night and realize how very lucky I am.  I was totally overwhelmed with the birthday calls (Lianne you get me like no one else love) and the well over 100 facebook wishes from friends.  So very sweet.  And I know - I know - that I have an amazing husband and three adorable boys... who were so proud to pick out my new Alex and Ani bracelet and give it to me yesterday morning.

Age is just a number right?  The lady in the nail salon over the weekend told me 40's are the new 30's... so I guess that means I'm still in my 20's.  Maybe I won't start aging backwards just yet.  After all, this is the year that I am not just building a business.  I am building an empire.  My mantra for 35.  In just a year and a half of blogging and writing I am on my way.  And I am gonna do this thing!

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