Sunday, April 8, 2012

The one where the Easter Bunny learns a lesson

Happy Easter!!!

We started the festivities yesterday.   Dying eggs, I made egg shaped cupcakes...and the boys went to bed totally excited for the Easter Bunny's visit.  I have to say I was surprised that they fell asleep so quick.  Al and I stayed up till just about midnight watching The Ten Commandments, which has been a favorite of mine since I was a kid.

The next thing I know I heard doors swinging open, excited boys... I opened my eyes to total darkness.  6:01am.  Al and I looked at each other as the boys went running into the living room. 

Oh my God no, was all I could think.

You see, last night the Bunny decided to do something different.  For no reason at all.  Instead of leaving the baskets on the living room couch (like every year), the baskets were put on the dining room table.  With a trail of a few carrots...but who can see those in the dark?  Seconds didn't even pass before we heard it.

The Easter Bunny didn't come!  He didn't come!  And then?  Sobs.  It was terrible.  Al called the boys into our room.  The Bunny Bee came limping in hysterical over his knee suddenly hurting.  Al told the boys to turn on the dining room light so we could see better and thankfully they spotted the baskets on the table. 

No more tears.

The Easter Bunny sure learned a lesson this year.  Do not change up where the baskets get left.  Deliver them to the living room couch...and only the couch.


Here we are all smiles a few hours later.

That guy on the left, you think he's forgotten yet?

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