Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The tweet

Yesterday was one of those days. 
You know the one I mean. The kind where you start out tired because you didn't get much sleep...and you are up earlier than usual. 

I turned on the Keurig and fumbled around in the closet above looking for a mug. I had to move the boys plastic cups out of the way to get to them and the next thing I know a mug is hitting the floor. One that I didn't even think I touched. And not just any mug. Al's favorite mug... from Italy. Smashed into pieces all over the kitchen floor.

It was after that I tweeted I'd hoped that wouldn't be an indication of my day.

I'll spare you all the little things that went wrong, but trust there were plenty. I baked my mom a birthday cake, which promptly fell apart when I tried to frost it. Years and years of baking cakes and this has only happened to me one other time. One. We made it to a checkup for the Big Guy across from Hasbro and checked in 15 minutes early - as required. And then we had to wait an entire hour past our appointment time before we were seen. While the Doodle Bop cried. To be seen for just under 4 (FOUR!) minutes.

I hit up a total of 6 stores yesterday with the boys in tow, trying to find a way to make an all green and an all orange outfit for the twins character reading day Friday. Struck out at every single store. It seemed easy to make a Lorax and a Grinch...

And just like that the day was over. No blogging done, nothing for Buy-Her... emails left unanswered. Chaos as usual. Because of course.

Hoping for a better day today. Reading to the Doodle Bop and Bunny Bee's class later this morning and tonight I'm meeting my digital media girls and Scary Mommy for dinner before we head to her book signing. So excited!!!

Today has to be better. Right?

On second thought, maybe I shouldn't ask that. Another lesson learned. All I did was send a tweet and my day fell apart.  Yeah...the tweet is to blame.