Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Summer List

The week before school ended I started making a 'Summer List' with the kids.  I couldn't tell you just what made me start it.  The boys wanted to know what kind of fun things we would be doing and somehow I turned it into a list.  Surprise.  OK not really.  Love my lists, what can I say.

Stop looking at me like that.

The boys were waiting on those caterpillars above to arrive in the mail so growing butterflies became one of the first things on the list.  The beach was a given...we hit that weekly (sometimes more than once a week at that).  They kept asking what else we would be doing.  I guess I thought making a list would give them things to look forward to - while preventing the Big Guy from doing this.

Which as you can see didn't work.  Entire basement full of toys, bedrooms with toys, giant book shelf full of books, fenced in backyard to play in, a billion coloring books... and this one is staring out the window complaining there is Nothing to do, while another hangs on my arm while I try to blog in my 'office' and the third is sprawled across the couch glued to the TV.

Oh, wait.  Now the Big Guy has moved on.  To the hallway.  Where he is staring me down with his best impression of an evil eye. 

But back to the summer list.  I intend to spend this summer crossing every.last.item off of that list.  Here is what we have so far (after the growing butterflies and hitting the beach every week). 

Spray Park
Budlong Pool (opens in one week!)
Ice cream place at night - when its dark out - after bedtime
Swan boats
Dyeing Queen Anne's Lace with food color
Fireworks (from afar because we don't like the noise)
Feasts - like 'Happy Mary's' as the boys call it (St. Mary's)
Mini golf
Clam cakes
Water balloons
Target Smoothies/7-11 Slurpee's
Spring Lake
Flying Horse Carousel in Watch Hill
Strawberry/Blueberry/Apple picking
Hiking in Lincoln Woods
Going to different farms
Wright's Dairy Farm
Boys sleepover (which is when all 3 boys camp out in the same room)
Yo-Mix yogurt (a million times more)
Water guns
Movie night out
Kidfest at Cinemaworld Lincoln
Tall Ships
Chelos on the Water
Fire with marshmallows (and smores of course)
Jordan's Splash experience
Hot Air Balloon Festival
Purgatory Chasm
Catching fire flies (which I'm told we need to head to Aquidneck Island for)

And the list is still going!  What would YOU add to your summer list with the kids?  What have I missed that we should definitely try and pack in?

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  1. Looks like a great list!! Here's my list http://everydayfamilyliving.com/how-to-best-summer-ever/