Sunday, July 22, 2012

When chaos really does sum it up

OK my friends, I have basically neglected you all for a good week now. 

The worst part is that I have no excuse.  You know those times where you don't know what to talk about because nothing is going on?  I don't ever seem to actually have that problem.  Here we are again where I have been so busy that instead of taking time to blog each thing, I instead put it off.  And I have been staring that this blog on and off all day wondering where the hell I should even start.

I mean I seriously have tons of things to talk about!

And yet all of the topics I would like to cover are suddenly overwhelming.  You know how I feel.  I know you do.  I'm busting out the picture

So here is what I am thinking.  I will give you all a brief (stop laughing, maybe I can be brief...who am I kidding) look into my chaos and we will end the post there.  Over the next few days I will try and break it all down so it doesn't become one big giant post about one hundred things.

Where have I been.  Well as you can see I got quiet at the end of last week because I started freaking out about leaving for my amazing trip to New Mexico to represent 5 Minutes for Mom with Mercedes Benz.  I may spend weeks bouncing off the walls excited to take a trip, but once that trip gets really close?  I freak out.  I hate to fly alone, I won't know anyone, I'm leaving my kids behind (and trust me they hate that) get the picture.  Full on internal freak out last weekend.

Monday through Wednesday I was in New Mexico.  Which just in case you have never been out there before?  Is totally the place to bury a dead body.  Or bodies. 

But more on that later.  I promise.

The driving was awesome.  I did make some friends.  I would LOVE to own a Mercedes (which I will rave about much more in depth shortly) ...and I survived two horrible flights home in a storm (one which included the entire plane clapping when we landed) and a teary eyed breakdown in a certain Baltimore airport. 

Thursday morning it was back to business as usual with an early morning dentist appointment for the twins.  My kids truly love the dentist.  And I am afraid that is all about to go to hell.  The twins have their first cavities.  And I have been beating myself up ever since.  The Bunny Bee came out first and when they told me my jaw dropped.  He brushes his own teeth, but I always check...and they look good!  Tiny cavity in a back molar which won't come out till he's about 12 they say, so we have to fill it.  Might not even need Novocain.  I made his appointment to have it filled when the Doodle Bop was in there.  A few minutes later they are out to speak with me again.  The Doodle Bop has not one, but two cavities in his molars.  Freaky twin thing?  One is the same exact strange spot as his brother.  Only his are worse and if you look close there are two tiny little black spots.

That's right.  Mother of the Year.  I wanted to cry.  My poor babies.  If they were older I could blame it on them...but at barely 5?  That is on me.  So later this week I will be taking the boys in to get them filled.  Which you know is going to be a totally bloggable experience.  Al is hoping for the next David goes to the Dentist.  Or is that after the Big Guy gets his tooth out next month...who can keep up.  I am just hoping I can get the Doodle Bop into the chair after the Bunny Bee gets out of it.

Couldn't even tell you what I did again until Saturday when we took the boys to St. Mary's Feast.  What a rip off now compared to when we were younger.  $12 for them all to ride one ride -  once... $9 for 3 candy apples... and something like $15 for them to each play one game.  Oh my God. 

Going down the slide with the twins while I grip their hands in fear for our lives while they scream and cry and I fall backwards?  Priceless!

And here is what my elbow looks like today - from the burlap sacks and the slide.  Hurts like a you know what.  That photo doesn't even do it justice.  Gotta say, you have no idea how much you move your elbow until you burn all the skin off of it.

Which brings me to this morning.  Al and I set the alarm for 4:40am and we were out the door with the boys just after 5am to make it to the South County Hot Air Balloon Festival so they could see the balloons go up with the sunrise.  Because I'm crazy.  Also another story for another post.

On a side note, I need some wine.  And my bed.  Do you see why I'm having a hard time getting all of this blogged?  Stay tuned this week.  Lots of stories to tell.

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