Thursday, August 9, 2012

Free JCPenney kids cuts!

Did you know that for the ENTIRE month of August, JCPenney is running a special promotion offering FREE KIDS CUTS?  As long as your child will be going into K-6th grade, they can go get their hair cut for free.  Call your local JCPenney to make an appointment.

We had our appointment August 1st, the first day they kicked everything off.  This is a photo of the boys waiting below.  You can see how long their hair had gotten... and they were hating how long it was.  I have some of the only children who get excited about a dentist appointment and getting haircuts, I swear to you.

The boys loved not having to wait and get their hair cuts one by one like usual.  No matter where we go, one person cuts all three.  This time, a different person took each one of them for their cuts.

How handsome are my boys with these faux hawks (because Mommy won't let them have the real thing).  Behind the boys in that photo is the woman who was making balloon animals for all the kids who were getting hair cuts that day.  I took her card and unfortunately misplaced it but she was AWESOME!  I have never seen balloon animals like she was making (and believe me I have seen my share).

The Hulk for the Bunny Bee, Batman for the Doodle Bop and a Monkey for the Big Guy.

Giant thank you to JCPenney for getting the boys ready to go back to school!


  1. Look at those cuties! What a great promotion too!