Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Not so Wordless Wednesday - Kindergarten High Fashion

Another Wordless Wednesday that requires a little explanation. 

So there was a time when Frankie was about 2 that he insisted on wearing shorts all winter... the best compromise I could make was letting him wear them OVER sweatpants... which he rocked for months.  It's killing me I can't find a photo right now, there must be tons. 

And there was also a time that he may have worn his complete fuzzy monkey costume from Halloween everywhere he went for weeks on end as well.  I'm talking on errands, around the mall, the market...the Emergency Room (story for another time)...

The twins though?  They waited till the big 5 to come up with their own style.  Each and every morning Al and I can hear them in their room asking each other does this look good? ... at FIVE! 

I'm calling it Kindergarten High Fashion.

Dress pants, long sleeve shirt and that sleeveless orange shirt we couldn't get enough of over the summer?  Check! 

Reindeer sweater (before Thanksgiving) with blue striped sweatpants?  Check!

Added the ties and the hats at the last moment, after the jackets were on, going out the door for school.  Send this one to Great Grama in Florida!  Do you see the way the Doodle Bop opened his jacket so you could see him in the photo better?

Plaid shirt with the striped tie (this was for a party by the way) .... check!

New ties picked out the day before, worn to Kindergarten on a long sleeve T-shirt and a Goofy sweatshirt.  Check.

Hat day at school.  They wanted to go Crazy.  We have tons of hats, but they chose to wear their winter hats in class... like this.  For the afternoon. 

And I am loving every second of it.  How do your little ones dress?

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  1. That's funny. Today I posted a Wordless Wednesday that has my youngest in some of her outfits. She comes downstairs all dressed everyday, if I don't approve of the outfit there is a colossal meltdown so I just let her wear whatever. People must look and snicker at us when we go out on errands.