Monday, November 19, 2012

The Green Alligator on Celadon Road

Catchy title, isn't it?

With the holidays coming up soon, I thought I would show some local love this week... from things you can buy, where you can get a great massage, and even a giveaway coming up in a few days. 

Have you guys heard about Celadon Road

Such a pretty name. The first time I had heard of Celadon Road was at the October Mingling Moms event I think, when I met Olivia.  I could not help but stop to take a look at her candles.
Celadon Road’s Organic Beeswax and Soy Candles are free from paraffin, lead-containing wicks, and petroleum-based oils. Better yet, these natural, organic mood enhancing accessories come in beautiful, reusable glass jars.  Adorable right? 

As a company, Celadon Road promotes greener, healthier and more socially responsible living by offering customers the highest quality natural, eco-friendly products for their everyday needs.  I keep saying I am not one of those 'green' people, yet I keep finding myself gravitating back to those products lately.  Olivia sent me the Green Alligator Bubble Bath (which happens to be Hypoallergenic, free from paraben, sulfates, dyes and synthetics)

and the Green Alligator Aloe Baby Soap (which has a light lavender scent and can be used on skin or hair, handmade with Certified Organic ingredients).

I'm in love and so are my kids.  As a child myself I had very sensitive skin and my kids definitely got that from me as well. So many different kinds of bubble baths have left them breaking out.  Not the Green Alligator, and it is their new favorite each and every time they take a bath.  Just a capful makes so many bubbles and you don't have to worry about whats going into their mouth as they play.  We love the light lavender smelling soap too.  I feel like it is the perfect touch before bedtime.

You will love these products and they make perfect holiday gifts too.  Olivia is so sweet.  She even asked about my kids allergies and checked all the ingredients to be sure the products would be OK for them to use.  I highly recommend checking out her site and saying hello.  (By the way, 3 boys have used the bubble bath several times now ... and I have taken a few baths myself as well ... and the bottle is still half full!)

*Disclosure: The bubble bath and baby soap were sent to me free of charge.  Opinions are all my own.


  1. Um, those both sound amazing! I could go for a warm bubble bath right about now!

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