Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Last night some of the girls and I got to do something special. We attended the opening night performance of Memphis at the PPAC in exchange for tweeting about the show - during the show.  They called it tweet seats and this is the first time the PPAC has tried this.  You can still follow the twitter stream from last night using the hashtag #MemphisPPAC.

Jen and I went together and we were able to meet up with Kirsten.

Memphis takes place in the smoky halls and underground clubs of the segregated 50's, a young white DJ named Huey Calhoun fell in love with everything he shouldn't: rock and roll and an electrifying black singer.  Memphis is an original story about the cultural revolution that erupted when his vision met her voice, and the music that changed forever.

I don't even know how to begin telling you how completely AMAZING this show was.  The music (which was written by Bon Jovi keyboardist David Bryan) made me want to get up and dance.  There has always been something about that 50's for me... I could see myself having been there... dancing like that.  Memphis isn't just a musical.  It was also a comedy.  And at times it left me speechless and teary eyed at the injustices of the times.  It was powerful.  The way the show ended for intermission was riveting and I could not wait to see the continuation.

Bryan Fenkart stars as Huey Calhoun, and Felicia Boswell as Felicia Farrell.  Incredible voices.  I loved every moment of their performances. I have to tell you that I honestly can not remember the last time I sat in a theater so moved during a musical that I cried. This may actually be a first. When Memphis ended the entire theater was on their feet for a standing ovation. It was that good.

You can follow up with Memphis on Facebook, Twitter and the website for their national tour.  And if you are local (or can get yourself to Providence, Rhode Island this week), I promise you will not be disappointed if you get to the PPAC and see Memphis this week.  Event show times for the week are as follows:

Tickets for PPAC shows can be purchased by clicking here.

Listen to the beat in your soul and never let them steal your rock 'n roll!