Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dance Central 3

If you follow me at Buy-Her, you might remember how much I loved Dance Central when it first came out for the Kinect.  Well... the game has done so well that XBOX and Kinect have followed up with not one more, but two more games.  And Dance Central 3 is here just in time for the holidays!

Can I just tell you my kids actually cheer when I open these packages from XBOX?  I don't know who in my house is more excited, them or me.  The game is rated T for Teen due to mild suggestive themes and lyrics, but most of the songs are OK for the littler guys. If there is a song you aren't comfortable with, the beauty of this game is you just choose a different one.  Dance Central 3 has over 40 new tracks, from '70s disco grooves to current chart-toppers.  Every song is great in my opinion.

And the boys are in love with having their photos taken and displayed on the TV screen.

A new feature this time around my family is obsessed with? Multi player party mode for up to 8 players!  We actually had a dance off.  Taking the silly photos of our 'teams' before was almost as much fun as dancing!  My husband and oldest son were on one team...

while the twins and I were on the other.  (And yes, the Bunny Bee jumped up at the last second so he could be all flashy and shiny like that.)

I love that you can download new songs as they become available to add to the game.  In case you didn't hear the news?  Gangnam Style.  Downloading that one stat.  You can go online with XBOX and purchase Dance Central 3 for your Kinect directly here.

Check back this weekend for my upcoming post where the boys and I will be reviewing Kinect Sports Season Two.  For now, I will leave you with a few short videos the boys made while busting a move with Dance Central 3.


  1. OMG- they look so cute dancing!!! This game looks like so much fun!

  2. they are too cute! I remember the macarena and when my grandma (auntie Jane) taught me when she came back from mexico one year.. before it was ever popular in the US. Bet i looked like that beack then trying to figure out the moves too :P

    1. aw i love that auntie jane taught you the macarena!