Saturday, February 23, 2013

Vacation spot for February break? Hasbro Children's Hospital!

What a mess this week turned out to be.

Just when I was starting to think that Al was right, that maybe I could turn this into a funny blog post... like how when the Bunny Bee got sick at the start of the week he shook his head at me while he was getting sick and said so seriously
The stomach bug? Is PAIN.
Or how when the Big Guy was getting sick the first time he turned to me and blamed it on his brother. The B-b-bunny bee! He k-k-kissed me. On the cheek! Not what did it buddy.
The Doodle Bop yelling This is the worst day EVER! EVER! as he got sick. But things went downhill so fast yesterday it didn't seem like it could be funny anymore.

We did not make it to Monster Jam. The Doodle Bop and I spent yesterday afternoon and most of the night in the hospital instead.

While it seemed like he was starting to get better Thursday, he was really going downhill from the moment he woke up Friday morning. Three bites of a bagel? Sick. Two sips of a Gatorade water mix? Sick. A few showers and two loads of laundry later I convinced him to take a nap. He really fought me on it but he was asleep in minutes. And then he kept sleeping... and I debated on waking him up or letting him sleep. The Big Guy? I would have let sleep without question. The twins on the other hand have an occasional blood sugar issue and I was starting to worry it might become an issue again.

Just under three hours into his nap, I heard little feet running down the hall. And lots of tears. Sick again. Cleaned him up, he took a sip of water and he instantly got sick. Right then and there I knew we had to go to the hospital. He was crying without tears, lying on his bed with his arms out and not moving. Terrified me. I called Al at work, threw the boys in the car and dropped the Big Guy and the Bunny Bee off with him. The Doodle Bop and I went to Hasbro. They gave us his own room in the ER (where amazingly enough Joanna was right on the other side with her little girl) and I got him changed and into bed.

He was so dehydrated it took them several minutes to get his IV in. For a moment there I thought I was going to pass out. He was screaming and crying and trying to squeeze my hand (though he was barely holding on) and I felt so helpless. I was so glad I thought enough to bring his Iron Man and his giraffe at least, because it made him feel a little better after.

Disney channel on the TV (thank god for that), a few video chats with Daddy and his brothers and an entire IV bag later and he was starting to perk up just enough to get mad that he couldn't eat anything. At that point they were still telling us we might have to stay the night. After another half of an IV bag (that's right, he needed two of them) he was able to eat a Popsicle.

Best.thing.ever. Can you tell? Totally put a smile on his face. Then he wanted to send Daddy pictures.

By 10pm they finally let us go home... and that kid was still awake. Let me just say, this is my baby that could crash out anywhere at anytime. He was adamant that he was not sleeping in the hospital, no matter how many times I told him I would not leave him. No, he wanted to be home in his own 'comfy bed' with the Bunny Bee there. And to keep the hospital pj's. Which I am pleading the fifth on.

Today he looks pale and kind of swollen but he has his spunk back. And he can eat without a problem, though we are taking things slow. I am so thankful to all the awesome nurses we saw at Hasbro last night, they were all so sweet to the Doodle Bop and he loved them. He's a celebrity today at home telling his brothers all about his hospital stay last night and they are all excited to go back to school and talk about how the Doodle Bop was in the hospital over vacation.

On another note, Joanna got to go home before us (which was great news) so we didn't actually get to see each other in the ER - and just a day or so prior Liz was there with her son getting stitches. I'm thinking we need a Rhody Blogger vacation week discount. Who's with me?


  1. Oh honey. I'm so glad he's doing better today. It's so scary to see them like that!!!! And I think I'll skip the Rhody Bloggers ER GTG. I'm all set with that ;-)

  2. are you sure? i mean maybe if we get enough of us ;)