Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Not so Wordless (I admit it) Wednesday: First Tooth edition

The Bunny Bee has had his first loose tooth for nearly two months now. Yesterday we noticed this. No matter how much Al and I tried to pull it out, it would not budge.

He also started telling us it was beginning to hurt, so the dentist took us in this afternoon. I was a wreck waiting in the next room and waiting to hear him crying. A few minutes later, he ran around the corner with the biggest smile.

No tears, tooth out, proud as can be! Ready for a visit from the Tooth Fairy for the first time. We picked up a special small coolata from Dunkin and headed to Daddy's work to show the tooth off.

He then demanded I take him straight to school for the last hour of Kindergarten so he could show the Doodle Bop and all his friends. He pretty much ran right into school too. So proud of my baby.

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