Sunday, July 28, 2013

Boston, CT, RI - oh my!

How can the rest of last week be summed up?

Cleaning, swim, wrestling, gymnastics, and more wrestling - and I can't forget full mornings at Vacation Bible School for the entire week as well. The twins got their first 'injuries' at wrestling last week, resulting in two very teary kids (who I hope snap back for this week). Oh, and our house will be on the market come September 1st. HOLLA!

Did we stop and slow down for the weekend?

Heck no! Y'all know me better than that! It's summer damn it and after missing an entire week at the beach we were kicking into high gear. Friday night the boys had the VBS closing. Saturday morning we were on the road early headed straight to Fenway for our first time as a family - Futures at Fenway.

So much fun! They got to see a minor league game, check out the sights AND attend their very first concert. Kidz Bop. Hello 11th row seating. We were so close and yet the boys had more fun watching them on the big screens. Go figure.

Out to dinner at Johnny Rockets after we got home.

This morning? We were up bright and early to hit Buttonwoods Farm in CT - Sunflowers for Wishes. Our third year. Hayride, feeding the cows, walking through the sunflowers and finishing the morning off with ice cream.

Spent the afternoon back in RI hanging with cousins from Texas and goofing off...

So is it really any wonder that by the time the boys came home the Doodle Bop was in tears and hot to the touch. 103 temperature. Because who can keep a pace like that!

Tomorrow just happens to be the twins six year checkup at the pedi so I guess this came at the exact right time. My beach 'office' will have to wait this week... hopefully not for too long. The waves and the boogie boards are calling the boys. But first? We have to get this guy better.


  1. I cherish seeing kids SMILE :) simply the glimmer in their eyes, particularly when they smile at things I have underestimated, it barely restores me. Makes me wanna smile too, such a surge of delight. In some cases when I see youngsters smiling I only attempt to see what they transparent their eyes, and it makes me :) too, just senseless things we take too genuine.

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