Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sickie McSickensicks ... That's right... Two

So we last left off Sunday night - with a sick Doodle Bop. Who was convinced he was going to be sick everywhere - at all times. Because the last time he was really sick? Was in February. When he ended up in the hospital from that awful stomach bug. He associated it the same way, even though his stomach was fine.

Monday I was beyond grateful to have the twins six year checkup with the pediatrician. The Bunny Bee was healthy, but the Doodle Bop still had a high temp and brand new red spots all over his throat. Rapid strep came back negative but they sent it out to be sure. Oh yeah, and the only doctor the twins have ever had told us she is moving back to the Midwest where she is originally from. I about lost it.

By Tuesday? My poor Doodle Bop couldn't eat - at all - and the Big Guy had spiked a high temperature too. I was emailing Danielle (my good friend who also happens to be the Nurse Manager at a local hospital) asking when I could get a recheck, because I was Sure it should have been positive.

I called the doctor convinced we were looking at strep, but the test came back negative again. That night Al took our one healthy child to wrestling while I stayed home with the Sickie McSickensicks ... who put up one giant fight at bedtime.

Today? The Doodle Bop was eating just fine. Throat felt better. No temperature. I was ready to send him to gymnastics tonight with the Bunny Bee. The Big Guy still had a temp so he would be stuck home with me again. As I was helping the twins change for class I noticed some red around the Doodle Bop's neck. I took off his shirt to find giant red welts all over the place.

Because of course.

I snapped a few what the heck are these photos and sent them to Laura (who used to be a paramedic), then called the doctor to speak with the nurse. It was 15 minutes before they were closing for the day and they told me to bring him in immediately.

Cue me panicking. Day 4 stuck in the house with 2 out of 3 sick kids, two weeks since we have been to the beach (with the kids pointing it out and complaining daily - I have created monsters), and I was already having a hard time. The thought of something worse happening to the Doodle Bop freaked me out.

The poor Bunny Bee had to miss gymnastics as I ran out the door with the Doodle Bop as Al got home. I got there in record time, only to find the door locked by mistake. I don't know who freaked out more when it was locked - the Doodle Bop or me. Thankfully I only had to bang a few times before took us right in. After answering a million questions and checking him out thoroughly, we came to the conclusion that this is just left over from whatever mystery illness he had ... and the hives can go away shortly, or last up to 3 days. It was so bad he was given Benadryl right in the office.

And he lost 2 pounds in 2 days. TWO pounds in two days! This is my tiny kid to begin with. The one who could stand to gain some extra weight already. Even the doctor seemed surprised. I felt so bad, how could I let that happen. I know he was barely eating ... but it was just two days.

After dinner, we took the kids for milkshakes. Operation plump the Doodle Bop up has begun.

And you never know... depending on how the Big Guy looks (temperature wise) in the morning, I may just say the hell with it and trek us all to the beach. Like Laura says, salt water cures everything. And I think we all need a break.

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