Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Why I'd be a Tommee Tippee convert

While it's been a few years since I needed baby products for my own little ones, I jumped at the chance to attend the Tommee Tippee event with some blogging friends a few weeks ago. You see, I sort of have baby fever. It doesn't matter that the twins are now 6 and my oldest is 7. My niece turned one this week and hanging out with a little girl from time to time ... makes me want to have another sometimes. I always saw myself having 4 children. Having the first three in the span of just 18 months sort of threw off that plan.

Tommee Tippee was not in the US yet (just the UK) when I was having my boys, so I was looking forward to seeing what they offered and what has changed over the last few years.

The bottles are BPA-free and have been designed with breastfeeding experts to encourage your baby's natural feeding action. I really liked that. In the beginning when I was trying (unsuccessfully) to breastfeed, I remember stressing over whether or not the bottle would create confusion. It would have been nice to have the peace of mind that these bottles would have provided. It also has an anti-colic valve! After one colicky baby (never mind three), you will see how important that feature is.

The product in the center of the photo blew me away. It's called the Perfect Prep Machine.

It even has a safety feature to ensure the bottle will not be too hot for the baby. I can not tell y'all how handy this would have come in for the twins' feedings. I was exhausted all the time. Sometimes the simplest tasks were hard to concentrate on. This would have been a life saver at the time.

And finally, we were introduced to the 360 Sealer Diaper Disposal System.
 breastfeeding experts to encourage your baby’s natural feeding ac

It is the ONLY diaper pail on the market that seals each dirty diaper all the way around in antimicrobial film. How exciting is that? Trust me ... so exciting! I had one of those diaper pails made by another company when the boys were smaller and in no time at all ... oh my gosh did it smell. I was always changing the bags, it didn't matter. Once the stink was in there, it seemed nothing I tried could get it out.

Not the case with this. Just drop the diaper in the top and twist the dial to seal. No need to push your hand into the diaper pail, it drops right into the receptacle. Hygienic and no mess! The pail even holds up to 30 sealed diapers at a time! (I don't even think my old one made by that other company we won't talk about even held 10.)

The refills seal up to 100 diapers and there is also a color indicator in the film to let you know when you are running low. My other favorite part of the 360 sealer? An EasiSlide drawer for emptying. No having to take the entire top off and pull out the bag!

In fact, I fell in love with their products so much I tweeted:

And then they tweeted this:

Not so sure my husband would agree, but I was loving it!

After spending some time checking out the products, the girls and I all sat down in the next room to make our very own perfumes! It was so much fun getting to learn about what scents go together, and mixing up our own.

Disclosure: While I was not paid for this post, Tommee Tippee was kind enough to send me off with this bag of goodies. They are also sending me a 360 Sealer Diaper Disposal system for my sister in law to try out. Opinions are, as always, all my own.

And my niece? Loves her new Truly Spill Proof Straw Cups!


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