Monday, November 18, 2013

Report card celebration

For the last few months we have not been home very much on the weekends. Friday nights are always spent at wrestling practice, Saturdays are errands in the morning followed by wherever we need to be running that afternoon and Sundays seem to be full as well.

I have several unfinished posts full of photos of our weekend travels. I'm thinking maybe I should combine it all into one, keep it wordless and call it something like ... Where we go on weekends. But who has time for that. Maybe later this week, I don't know.

This weekend was our first slow weekend. And by slow I mean just wrestling, errands and a baby shower. Friday afternoon the boys came home with excellent report cards so Al and I took them out to dinner before practice. Johnny Rockets. Poor choice considering our time frame. We were the family with the loud boys (which doesn't usually happen when we eat out) ... the ones who spilled a large Coke all over the table and floor ... and more. That family.

The boys chowed down on their onion rings and sweet potato fries and burgers and shakes and we barely made it to wrestling practice on time.

When practice was over, the Bunny Bee complained he had just been elbowed in the stomach by accident. He then proceeded to guzzle 2 small bottles of water right in front of my eyes in the time it took us to get his wrestling shoes off. Why I didn't stop this child or slow him down I don't know.

Then the I don't feel good tears started. Al rushed him over to the bathroom and he threw up twice. For a split second we thought he was sick sick ... but then it dawned on us. Oh my god. Look at what we let him have at dinner, topped off with a shake. Then this baby wrestled his little butt off for almost two hours and drank water so fast that OF COURSE this was going to happen.

Awesome parenting.

We got everyone in the car, gave the Bunny Bee a bag because he was convinced he was sick, and the Doodle Bop started whining he was going to be sick too and took the bag from his brother. Seconds later? HA HA HA! I'm not sick! My throat just hurts!

Um ... what? That would be our Doodle Bop. One kid gets sick and he's either sick right with them or having some mega sympathy pains. The Big Guy could not stop laughing (while also inching as far away from his brothers as he could while still strapped into his seat belt).

Getting out of the car, the Doodle Bop grabbed his brother's wrestling bag. I will take it in for him! Melted my heart. Once we were inside? He was showering his brother with stuffed animals and other things to make him feel all better. Like a soccer trophy.

I asked the Bunny Bee why he was clutching his brother's trophy as I tucked him in. Because ... remember last year I didn't want to play so I didn't get a trophy? 

The Doodle Bop chimed in with Yes! So now he will feel better!

Love these boys.

In other news, we will not be having a last second dinner before wrestling practice ever again. What a report card celebration.


  1. Sounds like a Biggest Loser workout. Teddy threw up after drinking a bunch of water after a nebulizer treatment at the doctor's office, I didn't think I was going to be able to get Maizie to come home with us.

  2. Ha! That's awesome Heather. I just laughed so hard.

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