Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Walking away

Last night I said that sometimes it feels really good to walk away.

I was referring to one thing in particular. Something that a week ago I thought I wanted so much. We met with an agency I had chosen for the boys, and while we got the word that we were accepted for representation, it wasn't quite the way I wanted it. I talked it out all day with some of my girlfriends (who are awesome for putting up with me) and on and off with Al ... and I realized that whatever happens is going to happen.

What I thought I wanted? I didn't need to jump on it just to get it done. Seeing the excitement from one, leads me to believe there will be others. Looking back there were small things that bothered me last week about it all ... but at the time I chose to ignore those things. I should know by now to pay attention to the signs.

There are signs everywhere. (Fools Rush In - one of my most favorite movies)

As much as I feel the need to rush oh so many things lately, I need to try to remember that the really good things? Take more time. Whether I'm happy with waiting or not. Doing what we feel is best for the boys, the house, and more. I can't speed it all up. I can however take my time and make sure it's not just what we want, but what we need. What is best.

Back to the drawing board but remembering this ...

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