Monday, April 21, 2014

Minecraft Monday

To say that the Doodlebop is obsessed with Minecraft would be an understatement. His brothers love it, but the Doodlebop could talk about it (And sometimes does.)

The boys are only allowed to play video games on weekends for the most part. If we have a trip to Boston they get to play for the car rides. If there is a doctor visit or some other appointment, they get to play on the DS or iPad as well. Aside from that though, it's Friday after schoolwork is done - Saturdays and Sundays only.

The Doodlebop has had to find other ways to get his Minecraft fix during the week. I kind of love that it came out in the most creative way. I started noticing it little by little. Drawings here and there. Then one afternoon a few weeks ago he roped his brothers into making an entire village of sorts. The three of them spent hours on it and taped it all up to the Big Guy's wall.

This child even makes Minecraft masks ... or whatever they are. (Mommy doesn't play so she has no idea. And trust me when I say you can only listen to a kid talk about Minecraft for like an hour at a time before you just start to tune out, nod and smile.)


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