Friday, February 4, 2011


Yesterday's post was a little heavy.  It almost seems hard to switch gears with this one, but it's a date that I can't help but reference - especially this year.

February 4.  1994.  We'd danced around 'us' for months, but the weekend following our 1st kiss at the Winter Ball we made it official.  Dating that is.  You were just barely 17.  I was almost 17. 

And today, 17 years later (seventeen!) he we are still.  High school, college, full time jobs, our old apartment, marriage, our first house, the Big Guy, then the Bunny Bee and the Doodle Bop.  That playlist speaks more about us than I can ever say.

We said when we got married we would let this anniversary go.  Our anniversary was our wedding date now.  But year after year I can't help but marvel at how many years we have spent together.  And I am more in love with you than ever.

Happy 4th baby.  Seventeen.  I love you, always and forever.

*****After frantic calls from my cousin this morning I am adding an update.  NO we are not expecting again. 'Happy 4th baby' was not an announcement.  We just always called this anniversary the 4th.  Kerri, you can breathe now.  :p

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