Saturday, March 26, 2011

I run on Dunkin

Huge news.  I can barely contain myself.  I am going to be in a video shoot for Dunkin Donuts in a few days.  Yes, I'm serious.  ME.  I have professed my love for their coffee and they have taken notice!

OK, not really.  Here's how it happened.

I follow Dunkin Donuts on Facebook and Twitter.  Sometimes they go giveaways.  Last week they specifically asked if you live in the Providence area what is your favorite coffee and why.  Naturally, I replied a medium iced french vanilla with a shot of caramel.  Even though they only posed a question, I was hoping maybe I could win free coffee or something by answering.

Yesterday I woke up to an e-mail from Dunkin Donuts that said:

Hello, and thanks for sharing your story with Dunkin Donuts!

Now we want to give you an opportunity to share your story with the world!
We'll be shooting a video for Dunkin Donuts. We'd love if you could be a part of it!
If you're interested, please respond to this email with your phone number
and a photo of yourself for casting purposes.

OK, so I took a few things out (like the date and location because I don't think I'm supposed to divulge that) ... but that's basically the e-mail.  Can I just tell you all?  I FLIPPED!  All of yesterday was a roller coaster ride of emotions.  I spoke with the guy from the e-mail, we played some phone tag... I wasn't fully happy with the photo I submitted but then I never am happy with my photos.  A few hours passed after the photo and I didn't have a call by the end of the afternoon and ... well I'll admit it I was kind of crushed.  I had this idea in my head that they saw my photo and I was being rejected based on not being pretty enough or something.

Last night I sent an e-mail to the guy saying I was just touching base because I hadn't heard anything (you know, just in case they forgot to call me) ... I know.  *sigh* 

He wrote me back explaining it had been a busy day and gave me the details on when and where I was needed.  Tried to get my adorable boys in the shoot with me, but they didn't need them.  *sad face* 

I am so excited though.  While I will only be in part of the shoot ...and who knows what you will see of me (my ponytail maybe?) ... this is just... totally awesome. 

Now, who wants to dress me.  (Because we all know I need a little help.  They said dress as you normally would, but I don't want to go as 'Sweatpants Mommy of 3'!)  Here are the requirements:

Dress as you normally would, don't "Dress Up". If you can bring a few options, that would be great. Earth Tones are nice, as well as Subtle Brighter Colors. EXCEPTIONS: No Whites, No Blacks, No Logos, No Tight Patterns.

You can wear regular makeup, and then we’ll have a makeup artist for finishing touches.

Any takers?  Who wants to be my personal stylist?


  1. A solid bright colored top, jeans, heels, and a few pieces of jewelry!