Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Big Guy (or should I say 'Injury Man') update

Crazy busy - as usual.  Can not believe another week has gone by. 

Thursday night the Big Guy started soccer with one of Julie's girls and had a blast.

Friday when I picked the Big Guy up from school he was complaining there was something on his teeth.  I thought he still wasn't used to the bonding applied a week ago and dismissed it.  We picked up my husband to have lunch on the hill at Caserta's when the Big Guy complained about his mouth again.  I took a look to find not one, but TWO loose bottom teeth.  Bonding still intact, but loose.

Fast forward to an emergency dentist appointment that afternoon.  Both teeth got pulled.  I don't know who it was more awful for.  Me because I could hear him crying and couldn't be in the room with the twins - or him being scared and getting Novocain.  The teeth could not be saved. 

Our dentist is great though.  After he picked the Big Guy up and literally flew him around the office 'like Superman' so things ended on a positive note.  And got him all excited for the tooth fairy's 1st visit.  He even put his teeth in a tooth shaped box with padding.

Upon leaving the office we called Daddy.  I had to translate because you just could not understand what he was trying to say.  It's getting easier 4 days later but when he speaks fast?  Yeah.  No idea.  So cute though. 

His 2nd round of school pictures came home today - the ones taken just a few days after when he had the big bruise visible under the liquid stitches.  And his bottom teeth still intact.  Adorable.  Made me think of the time at daycare/pre-pre-K when he'd had a cut on his lip he couldn't leave alone.  Before school photos that morning his blue Gatorade had stained the cut and voila, there it was in the photos.  Loved it.

Tonight I finally got the last small piece of the dermabonding off his head.  Wound all healed.  He is so excited to have it off.  I couldn't bear to tell him it scarred.  Maybe he won't notice?  At any rate, he's got his 1st visible war wound.  I bet there will be many more to come.

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