Monday, June 13, 2011

Because a tooth is totally like a crab

Back to blogging after an unexpected 2 week hiatus.  So very much has happened that I don't know where to begin.  Almost every day could be a blog post, I'm telling you.  My ADD got the best of me.  Right now I'm changing gears from how my city has changed and moving on to the events of the past few days which have felt like a week in itself.

Wednesday I kept the Big Guy out of school so we could spend the gorgeous day at the beach with my dear friend Jules and her girls on her birthday.  Or as I like to call them, my future daughters in law.

The Big Guy never plays hooky so it's only fitting that because I planned to do it one day, we weren't able to make it to school the next day (more on that in a few).  The longer we stayed at the beach the more friends and kids we seemed to pick up.  I'm not even sure what the final count was but I am pretty sure it was more than 5 parents and 12? kids.  While we repeatedly sun blocked the heck out of the kids, the twins came away with some slight sunburns and I got a whopper of one.  Big Guy?  Nothing but a nice even tan.

That afternoon I definitely had some beyond exhausted kids.  Who somehow found some time after resting on the couch to rough house a bit.  I had not even been in my bedroom 10 minutes watching the news after dinner when I hear 3 boys screaming in that way you know something is wrong.  Makes you stop breathing for a moment.  I went running and we all nearly collided in the kitchen. 


I have said many a time with the injuries these kids have had that I have never seen so much blood before.  I think I need to stop saying that - because each time I do someone manages to top the previous injury.  The Doodle Bop must have a head made of steel (secret super hero power?) because his head yet again collided with the Big Guy's knocking his barely loose front tooth clear out of his mouth.  The tooth that the dentist just looked at last week at his checkup and said it would take awhile more before it was loose enough to come out since it was still pretty rooted in there.

The twins are clinging to my legs hysterically crying and yelling about a crab.  (These kids had beach on the brain after spending the day there and were somehow convinced a small baby crab came flying out of the Big Guy's mouth.  They had no clue it was a tooth.)  The Big Guy is standing there with his front tooth on a pillow from the couch, screaming.  Blood covering my kitchen floor as well as still coming out of his mouth.

I took him to the bathroom sink and got the cold water running and 10 minutes later it was still full on bleeding and I had 3 screaming crying boys on my hands I could not calm down.  Doodle Bop was yelling 'I didn't mean to!'  Bunny Bee was still yelling about?  A flying crab of course.  Big Guy was just a full on mess.  My husband was at work so I called my mom who came right over.  Thankfully she stayed until they went to bed for the night.  The Big Guy had a sore mouth, but was so excited to show his dad his tooth when he got home - as well as get a visit from the tooth fairy.

After such an exhausting day and my husband and I could not wake the Big Guy up for anything.  Out cold.  Tooth under the pillow and the tooth fairy worked her magic.  Sometime after midnight we again had 3 screaming crying kids running to us as the storms hit.  Severe thunder, lightening, driving rain and even hail (with temps still 90 degrees).  Then?  The power went out.  For the next 9 hours.  With my truck stuck in the garage we couldn't get in.  Big Guy missed school and moped about his 3 missing teeth all day. 

Thrilled the tooth fairy came, but definitely a bit traumatized about how he's lost his first 3 teeth.  Little by little he's getting there.  We have explained that all teeth do not come out like this and even took him out to spend his most recent tooth fairy earnings.  Hoping he gets used to his new look soon, because I for one think this is one adorable face.