Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We're famous y'all


Didn't you know? 

Ever since I filmed that Dunkin Donuts commercial I have not seen myself in, things are just getting bigger I tell you.  When the boys ran the road race?  They got their names in the local paper.  They were so excited to see that.  And then there was the recent filming we did with Adam Richman for a future Man vs Food Nation episode

And now?

Today was the opening of the Budlong Pool.  We arrived surprised to see reporters and cameras.  I chalked it up to last year's closure and the floods ... maybe they wanted to show how nice it looked again.  Once the boys and I were in the pool we got asked if I would allow the boys to be filmed and photographed.  We were told to watch out for the Herald tomorrow because a photo would likely be there.  Then we spoke with someone from the journal.  As did Jules and her girls.

And low and behold... only a few hours later I check out turnto10.com and my kids some of our kids are on the front page along with this video (that i can't seem to imbed... but here's the link):


Jules and I had laughed and joked in the water about how hopefully it was only the kids on camera.  I am suddenly Totally inspired to lose that weight I have been talking about forever.


However, tomorrow you can find us celebrities at the beach.  So I guess I'll start on that weight loss thing Thursday.