Friday, October 14, 2011

Help needed

OK y'all I could use a little help. 

As a blogger I can sometimes be addicted to checking my stats.  My traffic is constantly increasing, yet I don't seem to hear much about it ON the blog.  While I do hear people comment on blogs less these days, I have noticed that I get way more comments through Facebook, Twitter and in person.... which has left me wondering if maybe it's not so easy for people to comment on my actual blog.

Last night one of my friends let me know she has made several comments to my blog which never seem to appear.  Al and I checked it over and all I found was 2 comments from Jo-Ann Fabrics that landed in my spam comment folder (that I didn't even know existed).  And all this time I've banned Jo-Ann... hmm.

Long story short I'm in need of some responses - on the blog, facebook or twitter - doesn't matter where.  Please let me know if you have had a problem commenting on the blog in any way.  If it's too hard I want to know that too.  I am looking to change over from Blogger to something else soon that might make things easier.  Any input you have would be helpful! 

Thanks loves!


  1. I'll post a comment for you, but it will have to be under anonymous since I either don't have any of those other accounts or don't remember any of that info. -Heather Z.

  2. I will try with name/URL... Dawn

  3. That worked, maybe it is my iPhone, I will try that.

  4. I am writing from my iPhone. TEST! My post under anonymous did not post from my laptop.

  5. It took 4 tries, then finally posted from the iphone. I usually post from my phone, maybe I assumed it went though when it didn't. Maybe it is a problem with smartphones posting. Sorry, I thought I could solve the mystery.

  6. thank you all for your help! still working to figure out whatever the issue here is. dawn it's interesting because the 1 you said didn't go through? ended up in spam comment file...but that is the very 1st time that's happened with you. thanks for trying to help me with this! :)