Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Moment to breathe

Trying to take a moment to breathe through the chaos.

Sunday night I planned out my week and nearly had a panic attack out of nowhere.  My MomAgenda is FULL for the week.  After doing so well getting back into my gym routine at the YMCA last week?  This week is all messed up and I am trying to find the time. 

Yesterday morning I had planned to get to the Y but was not able to make it after I got busy with something else.  This morning the boys are I were out the door just before 7:30am so we could make the Big Guy's 8am physical therapy/post Botox evaluation.  I have to say I was amazed we made it out the door and through all the city traffic on time.

It went well and he's looking good.  We can see that the Botox is starting to work a bit so that is wonderful news.  It will still be awhile longer before we see the full effects.  We put together a new stretching routine to do every day in addition to once a week therapy.  Then it was off to school.

A half hour late.  Traffic that early is Horrible!  I checked the boys in and went off to the library to volunteer at the school book fair.  So high tech!  Not only did I get a photo badge to wear, but we were even scanning the books into the register.  It was adorable to get to see my kids come in all excited to see me there.

This afternoon I have a conference call and tonight I'm taking the kids to see the Grinch musical at the PPAC.  NO TIME for the gym today, just can not manage to get there.  And I will be at the boys school for the next 2 mornings as well so I am going to have to find a way to make something work somewhere.  I feel like this always happens once I start a gym routine.  Solid week of being there, then Chaos.  Because of course.  I WILL make it there later this week.  I have to.

And now for a totally unrelated shameless plug for my boys.  Al entered them into a contest with Joystiq and here there are.  They are one of the final 32.  Famous kids I tell you.


  1. I find that you must schedule workouts in. I drag my butt up early and run or do yoga before I do anything else (except pee!). This is the only way to make it work for me. Too much going on later.

  2. scheduling workouts never works for me either. I find that I have to combine it with something I am already doing like using the park equipment for a workout as the kids fool around. OR we go for hikes when we have the chance. I also like to do silly morning aerobics with them they don't do much other than laugh at me and try to play along; but i do get my workout lol. Wii Fit helps alot too when I just can't get out, I know I have done SOMETHING that day that was substantial and I don't have to go anywhere to do it.