Friday, December 30, 2011

Do you hear the words coming out of my mouth

The Big Guy has become quite the photographer lately. 

When he was two or three we got him one of  those kid cameras and we even had a spot on our family website BabyCorbo (which I would attach for your viewing pleasure but the site has been down over 2 days now and is being worked on) for his photos at one point.  Eventually he lost interest - unless it was to use my camera.

At All Kids Can Patriots Day, included in his swag were 2 disposable cameras with film.  One he used right away, the other he has used slowly.  It went to NYC with him, he took it around during Christmas.  Only in the last 2 days maybe did things start to take an... ugly turn shall we say.

Someone has decided it's absolutely hysterical - and necessary - to take pictures of nothing but bums.  That's right, I said bums.  I can't tell you how many times I have bent over for some reason (and he's no where in sight) for him to pop out and start laughing as he takes a photo. 
And proceeds to let you know what he took it of.

I told him it wasn't nice, I asked him not to waste his film like that... you aren't going to want all pictures of bums when you get your film developed I told him. 

This morning I was on the phone with Jules all of 2 minutes.  I just told him to stop taking my photo as I bent over to unload the dishwasher.  The next thing I know, I turn around to see the Bunny Bee sticking out his back end, dressed in nothing but a pair of Star Wars Clone Wars undies.  And the Big Guy is snapping away.

Do not take pictures of your brothers in nothing but undies!  We do not take pictures of each other in underwear!  Did that really just come out of my MOUTH?! I yelled as Jules confirmed that it did indeed. 

How am I supposed to get these photos developed at CVS? I asked.  I mean, you know what that looks like.  Can I really just take the roll in and say my 6 year old took these, nuff said?  Good lord. 

Some days I really can't believe the things that have to come out of my mouth.