Monday, January 30, 2012

Dear Cancer, enough is enough!

My heart is feeling a little heavy today.

There are so many people in need of some prayers and positive energy. 

I have to say it is something that I did not truly believe in until recently.  If someone asked for prayers, I would pray... and hope that it worked... but always kind of wondered if it really did anything.  It wasn't until a recent cancer scare Jules had a few months back that I realized I believed ... and it does work.  Everything pointed to the cancer back and she was on so many prayer lists at churches and more... and I swear to you the spots they had found on the previous tests ...just disappeared. 

When I was in elementary school my Great Uncle Danny passed away from cancer.  I took it hard.  He was so funny, sweet and kind.  I have fun memories of being at his dentist office as well as his house as a child.  While I have not stayed as close to his kids over the years, they have always held a special place in my heart.  Maria, Danny (most people call him Dante now but he will always be Danny to me) and Andrea.  Andrea would sometimes babysit me when I was small. 

She has Leukemia now.  And Danny has worked so hard to get healthy and get in shape, so today he heads to the Hope Lodge Worcester so can be her donor.  They are both in need of prayers and positive energy.  I think its amazing that Danny was a match and he is able to do this.

Last night I was online and saw that Audrey McClelland was at the ER with her husband Matt, seemed like maybe it was a stomach flu or his appendix.  I had just seen her the night before at Styleweek Providence.  This morning I got online to find that he is having emergency surgery today because they found a tumor in his colon. 

Left me speechless. 

I really look up to Audrey not only for what an incredible blogger she is - and how I'd love a career like hers - but also for the way she is able to tackle being a mom of 4 small boys.  I can so relate to the crazy boys bring.  They are also in need of prayers and positive energy.

OK my Internet friends, do your thing. 

I am asking for prayers sent to Andrea, Danny, Matt and Audrey ... and all of their children.  Even if its not something you whole heartedly believe in anyway, I am asking that you send a prayer up anyway or some positive energy out there... because today is an important day for so many. 

And I believe.

(And as usual, Fuck Cancer... lets get Andrea better and have Matt come out with a clean bill of health.)


  1. Sending prayers to all of the above. :)

  2. thanks jen <3 keep me posted if you hear anything.

  3. It is very important for cancer patient to have a really loving family and friends if one is suffering from cancer. Sending my prayers to Andrea, Danny, Matt and Audrey and all of their children.

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  4. anonymous, you are very welcome :) and harry, thank you!