Sunday, January 29, 2012

Celebrity stalking and major spills in public

Where have I been this week. 

Aside from hella exhausted that is.

Styleweek Providence ran Sunday through Saturday at the Biltmore!  How things change in just one year is incredible to me.  From standing room only on the last night a year ago to being seated in the first few rows and even the VIP room a few nights this time around.  I was there most of the week, taking just Tuesday and Wednesday off.  Amazing shows.  So much fun!

Sunday my Mom went with me (as well as again on Thursday).  Monday my friend Jenn accompanied me, Friday Lianne... and Saturday was date night with Al.  I had fun with each and every person who came with me.  I tried my hardest to break out of my shell a little more and continue talking to people, touching base... networking where I could. 

Jenn and I had a little too much fun (or rather I did) -  we call this shot yaay for front row seats and red wine!

We went out after the shows and didn't get in till about 1am - on a school night.  Eeek!  That combined with the Bunny Bee getting up all.night.long after that and me with no sleep?  Lets just say I wasn't quite in shape to get the boys to school so Al filled in for me.  And at pickup the Doodle Bop presented me with a giant get well soon card.  So sweet, but made me feel terrible.  I don't do these things period, never mind on a school night for the kids.  My Mom took to joking for the week that I needed a curfew and she would not be a party to those things.

Speaking of my Mom, she was an awesome helper as I stalked Alex and Simon Thursday night.  She ran down the stairs with me as I was determined to correct my mistake from last year in not asking for fashion advice for my Buy-Her readers.  I watched everyone stand around gawking, pushed past them all and my Mom snapped photos while I introduced myself to them and came away with what I needed.

Friday night Lianne and I were in the VIP room and in the seconds it took me to lean over and pull out my camera, Alex had shut down Lianne. 

Sadness.  (It's OK though, we were always Team Jill anyway!)

And then there was last night.  Closing night of Styleweek. 

Since no event is ever complete without an incident involving some kind of fall from me, the week had run too smoothly and I was due.  No, I didn't have the slow motion fall from my heels on Weybossett with Lianne like the last time... or the fall down the steps at Pastiche a few months before that... nope, this time I fell in front of what felt like hundreds of people.

Let me set the scene for y'all.

We ride the elevator up with this guy (who will be known from here on in as "this ass") had 2 giant pieces of metal luggage with him... that was apparently quite heavy because he was dragging it.  He was trying to check in at the table next to us.  Al and I were at the press table for check in and they send me to the front table.  I turned and am not sure I even really took a step before I'm feeling myself in a slow motion fall. 

My legs hit a piece of his metal luggage he had left a good 2 feet behind him (because that makes sense) and in trying to steady myself my beloved Alex and Ani bracelet scraped into my arm and then I went OVER the suitcase.  Full on over, bruising my legs and knees hard.  With a super loud thud.

Of course.

I picked myself up as fast as I possibly could thinking maybe no one would see (like that was possible) and THIS ASS turns around and stares at me... opens his mouth and says ... "Wow that really jumped out at you huh."

Wanted to die.  If felt like everyone was staring and the girls at the check in table asked if I was OK and I forced a smile and said "Yeah, just Horribly Embarrassed right now" and headed over to wait in line at the other table to check in.  Where they didn't have me on the list.  Because of course.

All in all Al and I ended up having a great night... which capped off an exciting week. 

You know it's never fun unless I have taken a major spill in public, right?  Till September when Styleweek returns! 

(You can read my recap on Buy-Her soon - with a swag giveaway!  Stay tuned!)

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