Friday, February 24, 2012

Housekeeping and The Mommy Gamer

I have struggled with this decision for months now...and as you can see I have gone back and forth on it. 

I think that I have to close down my other blog, The Mommy Gamer.

And it kills me to say that.

When I tell you there is so much I have wanted to do with that little blog over there, you have no idea.  But trying to keep that one up separately, along with taking care of the boys, this blog... and everywhere else I write... well something has to give.  And it hurts to say I think it has to be The Mommy Gamer. 

I still have some pending reviews that need to get finished up.  But I feel like I am not ready to completely say goodbye... because even though I barely spend time there it's still another part of me.  So here is what I am thinking.  I might end up redesigning Cira's Lyrics a bit.  It will still be all about the boys, me, chaos... the day to day like it is now.  Only I'd also like to have a smaller gaming/entertainment spot.  And maybe a few other spots as well.

For the longest time I felt like I had to keep everything separate.  This was the boys and the family... The Mommy Gamer is the gaming/entertainment... Buy-Her is fashion and products and shopping... 5 Minutes for Mom is the giveaways... Multiplicity is twin stuff.  But in reality its still all ME.  I will still keep writing everywhere else (Mommy Gamer aside) but I hope that adding some more to Cira's Lyrics will make it easier to keep up with the flow of content since I'll have more in one space, as well as help this site grow.

Next on tap?  Finding someone who can redesign my page the way I want and help me move over the articles from the Mommy Gamer (without it costing an arm and a leg).  Any ideas on how to tackle that will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. liza- put a call out on twitter or facebook for suggestions on who people have used to custom design their blogs. there are SO many good online designers who take wordpress (or whatever) themes and customize them. my friend used for her blog/site and she said she was great to work with and not expensive. and, her site came out SUPER cute.