Sunday, February 26, 2012

Vampires and baby chicks

Happy Sunday!

This morning I have sort of a mishmash of things I wanted to put into posts this week but I didn't really find a way to work them all in with the week we have had.  Last night it struck me, it's all kind of kidspeak here goes. Pieces and all.

The Bunny Bee was talking to my sister Ali the other day about Vampires for some reason.  He told her that if he was a Vampire he would drink blood.  When she told him that was pretty gross he said with all seriousness 'Yeah but if I was a Vampire it wouldn''

The twins have been sick all week... alternating between stuffed up and runny noses.  When it started with the Bunny Bee I went out and bought special tissues with the Vicks vapor rub in them and the Doodle Bop has complained all week that he doesn't like them.  'They make my mouth taste too minty!'

The Big Guy and the Bunny Bee have been trying to outdo each other all morning... 'I can balance 100 pancakes' said the Bunny Bee.  'Oh Yeah?  Well I can balance 100 pieces of bacon - on my nose!' said the Big Guy.  Who wouldn't love to see that.

And the best part of the morning so far?  The Bunny Bee saw Al cracking some eggs this morning (which he has seen in the past) and stood there puzzled.  'But Dad... isn't there supposed to be Fur in there?  Where's the fur?' 

Um, fur? 

'Yeah... I thought there were supposed to be baby chicks inside the eggs'. 

And yes... then I had to go over the whole egg - baby chick - chicken...that we eat...sort of thing. 


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