Sunday, April 15, 2012

Meeting Scary Mommy


I mean what other excuse do I ever have for getting wrapped up in things and sidetracked.  This particular post has been in the works for nearly a week now, and yet it was the highlight of my whole entire week!  Which isn't to say I didn't have fun reading to the boys at school because I did.  More on that later, because this is first.

Meeting Jill Smokler - aka Scary Mommy.

Tuesday night my dad came over to watch the boys for me before Al got home from work, so I could go to Carrabba's for dinner.  Not just any dinner.  Dinner with my blog mama friends.  That's me in the striped shirt on the left.

Its crazy what happens when we have a get together.  I always go in knowing only a few people and come out with new friends...and sometimes old that become new again.  Like Candice (in the white top).  We were actually friends on Facebook through a blogging group.  Never did I realize we grew up together.  She walked in and I flashed back to elementary school and girl scouts and I just had to ask where she was from.  She and my sister were the same year in school and we did in fact know each other.  Over 25 years ago.  Hysterical.

I have to tell you it was pretty cool getting to hang out with Jill for awhile.  She is just so sweet in person!  Jill even had us fill out cards before dinner with a confession.  Kept it tame since we were also adding our twitter handles though.

Love this picture of me, my BlogHer roomie Jen, Joanna and Audrey

Carrabba's knew we were all coming but we seemed to overwhelm them anyway.  Long story short Jill had to leave without eating and the rest of us missed her book reading.  Thankfully we were still able to make the signing. 

It was pretty cool having Jill sign my book!

Look for a review of Jill's book Confessions of a Scary Mommy on Buy-Her shortly. 

Big thanks to Megan for letting me use some of her photos!


  1. This would be awesome I would really love to make more and meet more of my blogging connections for sure!!

    I also think it is super awesome you got to hang out with Jill!!! I LOVE her!

    1. it is really cool to have this kind of community :) love the girls. what state do you live in eschelle?

  2. It was such a fun night! AND, great seeing you again! The memories! Really, what are the chances...only in RI right?!

  3. candice that's what i said...only in RI. lol

  4. Jill is so awesome. How fun that you got to go to her book signing.

  5. aww thanks so much for stopping by susan!!! xo