Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - A budding writer

So maybe I should give you some background on this not so Wordless Wednesday... that I will not be linking up at 5 Minutes For Mom as usual.  (You will see why in a minute.)

The first half of the school year was one giant struggle for the Big Guy in Kindergarten.  He didn't want to practice letters, try reading or most of all have to write. 

Well, finally things are starting to click.  Homework is getting easier, he reads to his brothers a little bit... and then there is this.  Over the weekend he started writing words on the chalkboard in his room for fun.  For fun!  And there was so much giggling I had to take a look.


In Kindergarten kid writing, it says "We fart poopy farts fart fart."

And he and his younger brothers got such a kick out of it it's still there.  But... he wrote it on his own, without being asked.  So for now, poop talk and all, I'm counting this a win.


  1. This is wonderful to read! My son will be in Kindergarten in September and HATES to write. You can barely make out "ZACH" when he writes his name and will never agree to attempting his given name, "ZACHARY". He's never been one to color, doodle, hold a crayon, etc. Now paint...thats a different story. Perhaps I should get him to write poopy farts! He too would get a kick out of that and according to his teacher, he is the ring leader at school getting all the other boys in trouble by his "bathroom mouth"!

  2. Ha ha! I really can't take credit because he came up with it himself. When I saw it I wanted to be mad... but I had to stop myself and laugh because at least he was writing on his own and having fun. All 3 boys think poop/farts/burps are hysterical so i should have known. I say go with whatever works! LOL