Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Why fingers don't belong in doors

The Doodle Bop does this thing that has always driven me crazy. I complain I have been slowly going gray since I was 19, but I think he is the one single handedly speeding up the process. Trust.

For as long as I can remember, he likes to walk by an open door running his hands along the wall and his little fingers get in between the part where the hinges are. I have told him over and over (and over) not to do that because one day his fingers are going to get hurt when a door closes on it. The Bunny Bee learned that lesson once, but it was the other side of the door, by the doorknob. Crunched fingers and a trip for X-Rays.

Yesterday morning I told the boys I had a massive amount of work to do. After Al went off to work I got them dressed and threw on mismatched sweats and a tee for myself. I told them I would take them to Dunkin Donuts and they could pick out whatever donut they wanted... in return I needed them to behave until it was time to get ready for swim. (Lets just say I've done this on more than a few occasions.)

Walking in the first door the Bunny Bee went ahead to open the second one, but it was too heavy for him. I looked behind to make sure the Doodle Bop was following us as the Big Guy went over to help too. The next thing I know the Doodle Bop screamed. I turned around to find the Big Guy telling me that he could see his fingers were stuck in the door. By the hinges.

I couldn't breathe.  And we had an audience of people.  I opened the door and tried to brace myself for the missing fingers I was sure to see. But they were all there. Crunched, but there. I scooped him up as he cried uncontrollably, while telling everyone around us he was OK, and snapping at the boys to follow me to the truck NOW. The Big Guy wasn't having it. I didn't get my donut!

Strapped everyone into the truck and off to the treatment center down the street we went. My poor baby. How many times have I told him not to do that. Why wasn't I watching better. As we sat in the packed waiting room at the treatment center they brought the Doodle Bop an ice pack and the Big Guy looked at me and said loudly Why did you do that to him.  I nearly lost it.  I didn't do anything to him!  Why do you guys think I am always telling you to keep your fingers away from doors?!  Then I had to remember he was 6 and was more ticked he didn't get his donut... but seriously.

The staff was wonderful. We had to wait awhile but when it came time for his X-Rays, they occupied my other two with a sticker box so I could go in with the Doodle Bop. Any chance you could be pregnant? they asked. 


Mommy?  What's pregnant? the Doodle Bop chimed in. 

Having a baby.  Lets not talk right now.  (Quiet game. Why not.)

We got excellent news. No breaks. Just a $50 bruise.  Amazing to me.  I saw that heavy door closed on top of his little fingers.  How he didn't lose some to begin with, never mind come away without any breaks... it's a freaking miracle.  The X-Ray tech joked that with 3 boys she would be seeing me again soon. I don't doubt that for a minute.

The boys did indeed get their donuts after, but it was at a totally different Dunkin Donuts and I hit up the drivethru.  No way was I going right back to the one from that morning with the kids and all of us in the same clothes.

And you know I totally thought that X-Ray tech jinxed me too because later that afternoon after swim lessons the Bunny Bee took quite a spill in the parking lot. Split his little knee open and scraped up his foot, ankle and a finger too. I happened to have a First Aid kit in the trunk that I do not always travel with so I preformed 'surgery' right there in the parking lot. About an hour or so after that the boys went with my parents to the park and the Big Guy fell off a rock, hurting his knee. 



Its not even summer yet.  I have this feeling the treatment center will indeed be seeing a lot of us.  Do you think maybe we'll get a discount?


  1. Oh I feel your pain!! At 18 months we had our first stitches (T), at 2 years we had a broken legs (T again), and then 2 years after that a little broken arm (J this time) - its amazing how quickly (and expensively) they can hurt themselves!!!

  2. ugh so it isn't just me. big guy split his head open at the y and got the liquid stitches and the bunny bee has had more than a few different x-rays but nothing broken yet. feel like our days till then are numbered. lol

  3. Eek, how scary. My son has just discovered doors. Loves to open and close them and of course, curls his fingers around them to do so. I get so scared he is going to crunch his fingers at some point.

    I'm pretty sure the kid is going to take after me, and be a giant klutz. He's gotten plenty of bumps and bruises from falling already, I dread what happens as he gets older!!

    Glad everyone is still in one piece!!

  4. My son is like connect-the-dots with bruises on his shins! My daughter has now scraped her knee twice this past month running and playing. *knock on wood* no ER trips yet but oy. Glad he's ok!