Thursday, July 5, 2012

Simmons Organic Farm

The petting zoo at Simmons Organic Farm in Middletown was on our summer list.  A friend recommended it last summer and we ended up forgetting all about it at the time.  In looking for things to add to the list, the boys were thrilled to go to a farm where they could get closer to the animals.

Simmons was easy to find with the GPS, but once we got there it was a little confusing.  Aside from the sign above the boys are standing in front of, we could not tell where to get the food and there was no one around to help.  What we didn't realize is that the farm itself does not keep the same hours as the petting zoo (which is open from sun up to sun down).  We walked around a little and ended up finding someone else visiting the farm who showed us where the grain bin was, off to the side of the sign.

We took the cinder block off of the metal bin and inside were cups and the grain.  50 cents a cup on the honor system.  Nearby was a clear water cooler jug on the ground with some change in it.  We put in $3 for 6 cups.

This little guy was the only one roaming free beyond the fences and gentle as could be.  See how the nose went right into the cup?  We learned the hard way that the animals behind the fences will pull the cups in WITH them.  So in addition to the grain lets just say they got some extra roughage?  Oops.

Be careful how close you get! This one liked the taste of the Bunny Bee's shirt!  Luckily no kids were harmed. 

The boys loved watching the ducks move in and out of the fences and were in awe of the fact that they could pet the animals.

The Bunny Bee loved the feel of the 'horns'.

The photo above is one the boys took of me.  Notice they forgot to get the goat in the shot.  I call the one below 'a boy and his goat'.  That little one was just like a dog and the Big Guy liked how he followed him around.



Right here is the boys chasing the ducks.  And I swear to you these ducks were playing right along with them.  Each time the boys moved away they would dart out of the fence into the open section and it seemed like they were waiting for the boys... and once the boys made a move they were back behind the fence again.

We had a really good time but it was a little disappointing we were not able to buy anything.  I did however love the hand wash station complete with pump soap so the boys could clean up after they were done.  Great experience and the perfect price when all you need to do is pay for the grain.  You buy as much or as little as you want.

Next time I make the trip I will plan to have other things to do in the area.  It took us nearly an hour with summer traffic to get there and after about a half hour the boys were done at the farm - leaving another hour drive back home.

In addition to their website, you can also follow up with Simmons Organic Farm on Facebook.

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