Monday, September 24, 2012

Roxx Trixx Stadium totally rocks!

Did you know there are only like 91 days left till Christmas? 

Oh my God I know.  I know!  Has it really been almost a year already?

We may still be a good month away from Halloween but the Thanksgiving things are already sitting next to the Halloween things in the stores and its just a matter of time till Christmas/Hanukkah decorations join them.  I have been debating on whether or not to put up a kids toy gift guide this year, but am still undecided.  Today however, I will be kicking off the 3 month countdown till Christmas (shall we call it that?) with not one - but three - toy reviews that my kids are currently loving.  And I think your kids will too.

I'm starting today with the Roxx Trixx Stadium from Imperial Toy.

While it says ages 7+, my guys are definitely under the intended age group at 5 and 6, but they are able to play it just fine. Once my husband and I went over the game rules with them a few times they were able to play on their own - and they love it so much they play daily. Which is huge for my kids.  For the older kids, there are ways to play to make the game harder so it stays challenging for everyone.

My guys are not strong readers yet, but the cards also have a picture of what to do along with the written words. I feel like it has gotten them trying to read a little more and the game gets them thinking as they have to use their problem solving skills to complete the task. They love the holographic effect and are obsessed with the different images on the Roxx - some of the favorites so far are creepy flies on pizza, a skull, a robot and an alien.

All they have talked about is what other Roxx they want for Christmas. Any game that gets my 3 boys playing together and laughing is awesome in my book, and I like that my husband and I can sit down and play it with the boys.

Psst... I have to say, it is actually fun for adults too!  I'm kind of feeling like I need to trek this with me to the next kid-less party I hit ... my kids won't miss it after they are asleep for the night, right? 

*Disclosure: We were given the Roxx Trixx Stadium for free, in exchange for our honest review.  Opinions are all my own.