Friday, October 26, 2012

The Doodle Bop's terrible horrible no good very bad week

My poor Doodle Bop has had a pretty tough week for a 5 year old. 

Nightmares here and there. Last night he came into the room crying around 2am, but could not say what was so scary. School didn't go that well according to him either.

A few days ago his twin brother got his first 'shark ticket' for picking up books in the classroom. But MOMMY! I pushed in all the chairs after snack like I do every day and I didn't get a shark ticket! 

Shark tickets can be traded for little snacks or prizes each week in the 1st grade and my oldest gets them daily for being good. This is new to Kindergarten and apparently not given out very often... so the twins tell me anyway. The day the Bunny Bee finally got one, the Doodle Bop was devastated. He told all the moms on the playground he would never get one.

The very next afternoon he came out of school yelling MOMMY! I GOT A SHARK TICKET! Best part is he claimed he couldn't remember what he even did to get one. 

Fast forward to today. Stomping his feet because now the Bunny Bee had TWO shark tickets and he still only had one. And something about a tally starting Monday. The poor thing complained about it the whole walk home. I thought I had calmed him down when we got into the house. 

I was wrong.

MOMMY! Do you know that NOT GETTING a shark ticket STINKS! he yelled as he threw his hands up in the air for emphasis. Hilarious, adorable and yet I felt so bad for him. He is the kid that keeps it all bottled up till he snaps. This was him snapping.

For the rest of the afternoon he whined from the couch or clung to my arm. During dinner he looked at me and half yelled out of nowhere MOMMY! When I was in the coat closet before school with all my friends - except for the Bunny Bee - he was not there.  I was in the closet and I asked every single one if they had the new mini gas car 3 on DVD.  And they all said YES! All of them!  But NOT MECue the pout and folded arms.

"Mini gas car 3" is Madagascar 3 by the way. I know I wasn't supposed to laugh, but I laughed so freaking hard. It took everything I had to stifle it. And the night went on from there. At bedtime I got MOMMY! Tuck me into bed!  Mommy I had a very bad day.  All week

I tucked my little guy in and gave him kisses. I told him that I knew he had a bad week but tomorrow would be better. And that child was out cold within minutes.

Oh the drama of being five.

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  1. Juliana informed me today that she will be the ONLY kid in middle school without a cell phone and how will she survive the horror?????? Ay yi yi these kids! :)