Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mommy needs her wine!

So it is no secret that I love wine. I mean do you know me?

Red wine is my thing and has been for years. My husband's family even makes wine most years. So good - and I have to say its fun too!  Picking out the grapes, squishing them... A few years back my husband and I got in on the action doing it too. The only thing I hate about making your own wine is the waiting ... oh so much waiting ... till you are able to drink it.

And I'm just going to say it. As a mom of three, I need my wine! As do most of my girlfriends with kids at home. We bond over it. Bad day? Kids in bed? Break out that bottle of wine girlfriend! I am loving Mommy Juice Wines for that very reason. They get it! And how cute is that name? Developed by a mom, who knows first hand that moms need a break.

Mommy Juice Wines come in Red and White. I do have to tell you that I have never been a white wine drinker. Not sure what it is, I have just never liked the flavor of any white wine I tried. Until I tried Mommy Juice white wine that is! Unbelievably good! I finished off the bottle of white Before the bottle of red... which is really saying something!

I have never cooked much with wine, aside from occasionally putting it in a sauce or making wine biscuits. What can I say, that bottle is open and I am putting it in a pretty wine glass! My friend Tera of Girl Gone Healthy developed a French Onion Soup recipe she put Mommy Juice red wine in that I can't wait to try! I love french onion soup and have never thought to add wine.

In addition to their website, you can follow up with Mommy Juice Wines on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You can also go here to buy some. I have already finished off my two bottles and I can't wait to go out and get some more!

*Disclosure: I was given two bottles of Mommy Juice Wines in exchange for my honest review. Opinions are all my own!

Now for the fun part! One lucky winner will receive a $30 gift certificate to be used on Good for MommyJuice wine, adorable wine glasses, gift packages and/or merchandise. Enter by Rafflecopter below!

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  1. Its so cute and would be so fun!

  2. I enjoy a good glass of wine to relax after long days of teaching. Thanks for the chance!

  3. I would love some wine ;)

  4. I would love to try this!

  5. When will the winner be announced? Im excited to see who won!

    1. Hi Jessica,
      The winner was already contacted. For some reason it isn't showing up on the rafflecopter.

  6. Okay. Guess it wasnt me :-( thanks for the chance though!