Friday, September 6, 2013

Holding the vision

Here we go. Dusting off the old blog.

I'm kind of sad how few and far between I seem to be posting, but on the flip side to that boy have we ever been busy. And by we I mean me. Of course. Summer ended, the boys went back to school for just a few days and then the Doodle Bop got sick for an entire week.

Say it with me.

Because of course.

Damn those school germs.

And in the middle of all that, I have spent the last two - maybe three - weeks prepping the house. It consumes my all day every day and I just can not believe what Al and I have accumulated in our almost 10 years here, plus the one before that when we lived in an apartment. Letters from our Pre-Cana classes I forgot we even had. Old photos. Lots and lots of ... I'm saying it ... junk.

We filled an entire Bagster and it is now waiting outside for pickup. Countless bags of trash and recycling went out this week. I actually worried they wouldn't take it all, but they did. Nine bags of clothing donated to the Big Brothers Big Sisters.

This morning? First showing of the house. Someone called on it less than 24 hours after we put it on the market and requested a showing this morning. I thought it was a sign. We have a house in another town we have fallen in love with and are seeing if we can work out the details. I thought someone calling so fast was a sign that it was all meant to be and when they didn't even stay 20 minutes before we had a call we could come home? Part of me was crushed. To me, 20 minutes said it wasn't for them.

Getting back home all I could see were all the little things I missed and should have done. My friend Melissa helped to put things in perspective for me. It was only the first showing. The house has only been on the market 4 days now. Someone will love it.

For the rest of the day, I am going to try and relax. I think I deserve it after the last few weeks. Tomorrow I will take another look and start over again ... fixing all the little things I now see. And in the meantime, THIS is my new mantra.


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