Friday, September 13, 2013

Runnin' runnin' ...

Let's get it started in here
And the bass keeps runnin' runnin'
And runnin' runnin'
And runnin' runnin'
And runnin' runnin'
And runnin' runnin'
And runnin' runnin'
And runnin' runnin'
And runnin' runnin' and...

And there you have my week. That Black Eyed Peas song "Let's Get It Started" is playing in my head on repeat. Laura (who I now affectionately call the Drill Sargent) decided now that the kids are settling into school, we would be starting C25K.

Do y'all know how much I hate running? 

I have always hated it. I could spend all afternoon going up and down a field hockey field at top speed, but the running laps and all that at practice? Just no. At UMass when I did Army ROTC, I hated the sprinting drills. The long runs? While I dreaded them I could still keep up, even if I was in the back. I was oh so much skinnier then and in awesome shape though. I did go through a phase after I left UMass where I felt like I needed to keep running. 

Now? As I struggle for breath and to keep going? I am silently screaming at myself. 

This shouldn't be hard! Look how hard this is! You didn't like it before, but it sure was easy!

Laura wears awesome shirts from Abundant Heart. So ordering some. I want to kick her when she runs past me, but how cute is this!

I couldn't join the girls for our second day, so I did it on my own and snapped a pic for them ... after my 95 degree heat morning run. I think this sums up how I felt.

With all the rain last night and this morning I thought I was catching a break. Rain obviously means no running. Right? Someone back me up here.

No one backed me up.

So we ran.

Why I am always the only one with the red/purple face after we finish is beyond me. Oh and Laura would tell you not to look at her hair. She thinks it looks messy or something. I say it just looks like she's a real runner now.

First three days are in the can. And yes, I'm sure I will continue to complain and hate every second of the runs. But I am doing it. I'm doing it.


  1. Oh how I love you! You ARE doing it... and you're doing FANTASTIC!!!
    You know how much I hate running too... I could do all our other exercises all day long but RUNNING, nope. I CAN do it, and so can you... we don't have to love it. Yet. ;)
    P.S. you don't look purple. lol!

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