Sunday, October 13, 2013

If you know me, you know how much I heart ALDI. I was a convert the moment I got to go to their headquarters in Chicago. A week and a half ago, I attended the opening of the new ALDI in Middletown on West Main Road.

The first thing to catch my eye? Look at the price on these giant pumpkins. $3.99! Which by the way are now already down to just $2.99 - I happened to notice it while shopping this weekend.

See the dirt on those pumpkins? They are LOCAL. What's better than that!

The photo below are some of the seasonal special buys. My kids love the apple butter at the top, we stock up on it when they get it in. Each week, ALDI features 20-30 Special Buy items (anything from seasonal foods to cookware).

Switching to ALDI-exclusive brands can save you up to 50% over national brands, on the very things you buy the most. Here are just some of the examples of what you can save on. I love seeing it right out in front of me. The ALDI brands (in case you wondered) are still high quality food - under their very own exclusive brands. They buy from the same food producers as other supermarkets, and sell for less.

This? Is new. And I was so excited to see it. I had not noticed the price checker in my home stores, but you can bet I will be looking now. It always makes me happy to find a price checker for those times when you just aren't sure what something will cost.

Nature's Path is one of my most favorite ALDI finds. I may or may not have like 4 or 5 boxes on top of my fridge at home right now. I am obsessed with this delicious organic cereal, and it is always priced at $2.89 at ALDI. I happen to know that at a certain other health conscious supermarket I won't name, this very same box goes for just about $5. Score!

Look at these beautiful colors on the veggies. Week after week I stock up on all fresh veggies (fruit too) and my kids have actually learned to love it. They help me pick out what to put in the cart. Some of our staples are peppers, carrots, tomatoes and cauliflower. While not all of their fruits and veggies are organic, they do mark what is. Given the choice I will always buy the organic ones, and I feel like I am noticing more and more organic available lately.

Shopping for the first time at ALDI? Here are a few tips:

* Bring your own bags OR buy the reusable ones at the checkout.

* Put a quarter in the cart to unlock it. When you return it, you get your quarter back.

* By only accepting cash, debit and EBT cards at the checkout, ALDI's prices stay lower and their lines move quicker.

* After paying, you move your cart to the bagging area and pack your groceries how you like.

For an ALDI near you, check their store locator here. In addition to their website, you can also follow up with ALDI on Facebook and Twitter.

***Disclaimer: I attended the ALDI opening in Middletown because I LOVE them. Did I mention it's my weekly spot for shopping? Opinions are all my own. ALDI was nice enough to send me off with this cute reusable bag and some items from their store for attending the opening.

Those animal crackers are a favorite of the kids!


  1. They have the best tortilla chips!

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