Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Light the Night

Last week Julie celebrated 4 years of being cancer free. 4 years.

How far she has come from last spring alone is amazing. Saturday night all of the boys (I'm including Al there) and I joined her for the LLS Light The Night Walk in Garden City. I was so honored she asked us all to walk with her. Seeing her get her Survivor t-shirt and white balloon nearly brought me to tears.

White balloons are for survivors, gold in memory of someone, and red for supporters.

While we had not been close while she was going through those first rounds of chemo, it was my cousin who kept me updated. Our friendship developed during her recovery, first through IM's during the day ... and then play dates when she was getting better. It has been such a long road of ups and downs since then, that it felt emotional to be at Light The Night With her.

Some of the pics from the night are below.

                                                                        Me and Jules.

                                                                      Her adorable girls.

                                                              The Corbo Lynch crew.

                                                               The boys on the walk.

It was a beautiful night. The boys loved getting to walk in the dark (even though the 2 miles was just about all they could handle.) Somehow I think being up past bedtime made up for it. I think I would like to make this something we do yearly.

And I am just so happy and thankful that Jules is healthy.

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