Tuesday, February 4, 2014

20 Years

20 years. February 4th, 1994.

Al and I were officially dating. I was failing junior year Chemistry class because I spent more time paying attention to him. (Also? The math was hard y'all.) We had already gone to the Winter Ball together, but it was that snowy night he took me to the old Park Cinema to see Wayne's World 2 and he asked me to be his girlfriend as the movie started.

And sometime after that, it was love. Dates, dances, graduation, colleges in different states, military formals, weekends back and forth to see each other when we could ... and the rest is history. Our first apartment, our first house ...

Next month we celebrate 10 years of marriage.

And three beautiful boys.

While I don't know where the last 20 years have gone exactly, (or how I am old enough to say that I have been with him for 20 years), I know that there is no one else I would have rather spent my time with. This man is my rock. And so much more.

I love you Alfredo.