Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mercury's in what?

Is there a full moon I'm not aware of?  I do keep hearing something about mercury being in retrograde but what that means I have no idea.  The boys have been teetering on the side of crazy and while sometimes its comical, other times I just want to bang my head.  Or you know, drink wine.

Thanksgiving was so nice with the family.  The part that I didn't mention?  Is that all of my younger cousins from the teenagers on down to the littlest of the little (who is going to be 3) make up one ginormous kids table.  When my brother, sister, me and two of our cousins our age were all small we called the kids table the table they attached to the main one.  Well, we still sit there but the family has expanded so much all the rest of the kids after us (including our own) sit at one giant table in the next room. 

The twins are next to the youngest so one would think they would sit there very quietly to eat with a handful of teenagers scattered around the table too.  Not my guys.  Over all this loud noise I hear them competing to yell the loudest.  'Guys guys guys! Wait! Watch me!'  And then one sits up in his chair on his knees and dances like crazy with his eyes shut and the biggest grin on his face.  Then the other twin.  And they had everyones full attention too.

Sunday night Al and I watched Julie's girls for awhile.  The Big Guy gave his brothers the talk before the girls got there.  'No talk about marrying!'  That lasted all of 10 minutes as everyone sort of paired up.  I would hear the Bunny Bee repeatedly say 'K.  K... I love you.'  Oh my god.  When I called him into the kitchen where I was cooking by his whole name, all the girls wondered who I was talking to.  'What mom.  I do love her' he said all defiantly.  Um, you're four.  Last night I happen to notice what K wrote on the chalk board.  'I BUNNYBEE LOVE'  (OK, not really Bunny Bee but you get the picture.)  And the Bunny Bee's yelling 'No Mommy don't erase it!  It says she Loves me!'  Jules.....

Yesterday we went to pick out the Big Guy's birthday party invitations at iParty.  Which is right near Snip-its.  The boys started yelling for Snipits and I reminded them we already said goodbye to them.  The Bunny Bee says Yes, I know.  And within seconds composes a whole entire several minute song to the tune of Bye Bye Miss American Pie ... about Snip-its - 'Bye Bye Snipits Haircu..ut place...' I actually stopped the car and turned around as he sings 'I'll miss you for my life' ... and on and on.  His brothers laughed hysterically.

OK this seems like its all about the Bunny Bee.  It has really been all 3 of them, he just has the most memorable crazy stuff going on right now.  Speaking of right now, they are sitting on the couch with the tablet taking turns playing games and yelling 'Christmas Nuts!' 

Where do they get this stuff from!

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  1. Love love love it! I tried the "no marriage" talk as I was doubled over in the front seat and the response I got was(from jj) mom I don't have to talk about it. I'm marweein the oldest my Franky and that's THAT. AND to this I say.... it could be worse. Kids will be kids! I love them so much! !! They are so innocent and sweet about it... we have our whole.lives to stress the ones they love! Lets just be gratdul for the time being .... they love "our" crew haha