Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve morning surprise

Christmas Eve morning and I already got one of the best presents ever.  Actually brought me to tears.  I was watching the news in bed right after Al went to work this morning and the Big Guy came in with one of the biggest smiles ever with a bag he'd pulled out from under the tree.

I told you you would open this on Christmas Eve Mommy, open it open it! he said handing me the big white bag.

It's been under the tree about a week I think.  When he brought it home from Kindergarten he was so excited he told me it was for me and that he wanted to wrap it a little extra.  He asked that I help him wrap it, but to keep it a secret.  (Too cute!)  He then realized what he said and told me Daddy would help instead.

I told him that I could wait for tomorrow to open it, but he insisted I open it right then.

Inside, I found this.

The poem is hard to read from the photo I know, but it mentions how at this age fingerprints get left on the walls.  Over time they will fade but I can keep this to remember how small his hands were.  That combined with the fact that he just turned the big 6 a few days ago and I was teary eyed like you wouldn't believe.

He was so proud.  I made it all for you Mommy, I made it all for you.

He hung it up in my room for me after picking out just the right spot. 

I will treasure this always.


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