Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Graduation Day

My babies graduated this morning. 

I loved every last minute of their big show.  We recorded several pieces and I have some up on YouTube already but Al has to add the ones he took.  For now, here are some photos from the day.

The Doodle Bop was beyond excited getting to wear a hat with a giraffe on it.  He made sure his teacher would hand him the giraffe (by constantly reminding her over and over how much he loves giraffes).  You know, just in case she forgot.

Here is the Bunny Bee.  This is the best shot I have of him during the show.  The adorable girl in the blue and white dress who towers over him blocked him from my view almost the entire time. Do you think years from now if I tell him he is the Doodle Bop in photos he will believe me?


                                                              With the Big Guy.

                                                                Graduation balloons.