Monday, June 11, 2012

The night before the big show

Tomorrow is a huge day for the twins. 

The 'Big Show'

Also doubling as their graduation from pre-K.  Where the Big Guy had 3 years of pre-K, three shows... the twins only had this one year.  I loved watching the Big Guy up there each and every year, but I will never forget his first one.  I could barely see through my tears. 

I can feel the tears behind my eyes just thinking of watching the Bunny Bee and the Doodle Bop tomorrow.

The boys were each assigned their own line to say at some point during the show.  The Bunny Bee happens to be opening the whole thing.  And he is such a ham they ended up giving him his own monologue ala Saturday Night Live.  OK, not really.  But 4 long lines for a four year old sure seems like it.

When I tucked them into bed tonight they must have told me 30 times they were too excited to sleep.  They wanted it to be the big show now.  Then they started yelling out their lines.  After I left the room I stood outside the door for a little while just listening to them chat.

I'm so excited!

Me too!  I don't think I can sleep!

I know but we HAVE to get sleep like Mommy said.

Yup so we won't be too tired.

But I'm soooo excited!

Me too!

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