Friday, June 8, 2012

Give and Glam fabulousness

Last night was Give and Glam, a girls night out event to benefit Hasbro Children's hospital.  I was on board from the minute my friends at Rhody Mamas announced it.  Lianne and I bought our tickets right away. 

And we had the best time!  It didn't matter that it rained on our walk in from the parking lot, that it took forever to order drinks, or that I very nearly cried after standing two hours in my glittery heels from hell.  It was all still amazing. 

Lianne and I dorked out on the red carpet.  Instead of striking a fashionable pose we hugged each other around the neck. 

We took crazy photos.  Like this one.  Li pulled over a random older guy in a tux before the night ended because we had to have a photo of us in these uber cool swing chairs.  When he couldn't do it from her phone his wife came in to 'help' and like 10 minutes of smiling and wait and hold ons later, we had this.

                                                                       So yeah.

We chatted with so many awesome girls.  There was hair chalking (which I have been dying to try) and tattoos and I somehow managed to miss it all going on because I was too busy chatting.  And this is where I get mushy.  My life has changed so much over the last two years and it is all because I started this little blog right here.  I have amazing amazing women in my life now that I am honored to call my friends.  And it all started right here.

Li you are stuck with me forever and ever and I thank you for coming to all these events with me. And you know, standing at the bar for us while I hobbled outside to the deck with my fabulous glittery heels from hell... for bringing the drinks and sitting down on wet chairs and not caring and chatting away.

And to my Digital Media and Rhody Blogger friends, each and every one of you rocks.  I love you all.
Digital Media girls on the carpet!
With Rhody Mama's Audrey and Jen
                                        Becky - seriously, you NEED one of her Haute Tags!

                                    Grace is so sweet!  Have you checked out her Patemm Pads?

                                                           With Li and Becky
            Yes I made Li do this while we waited in a massive line at the bar to pass some time/

Seriously can not wait till the next Give and Glam event.  They even have a short video up already.  (I made a few cameos, see who else you spot.)

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  1. Bummed that I missed this one but totally looking forward to October! Such a great cause!