Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: #BlogHer12 shoe edition

Linking up with my old friend Candice today for Wordless Wednesday.  Or not at all wordless...this is me we are talking about.  We all leave for BlogHer12 tomorrow and I have not packed a single thing.  I did however lay out some shoes and decide on what wine to pack.  So that counts, right? 

I can't go anywhere without my trusty Jessica Simpsons on the far right ... or a few pairs of Old Navy flips on the left.  My sneakers are for the 5K ... because I'm doing that apparently.  And then I have my half size too small adorable shoes from Oasap in the pink, black and white that I am trying to decide if it will be worth squeezing my tootsies in for cuteness... and my glittery black heels of death that I can hear Lianne screaming Just get rid of those shoes Liza! You fall every single time you wear them!  To which I say... but they are so high... and glittery... and they cost me a small fortune.

And is it or is it not acceptable to wear my fake black Uggs .... Uggish? ... with shorts in NYC or did that go out with Britney Spears in the early 2000's... because I still think I could rock that look.

Why oh why will my 2 new pairs of Jessica Simpsons that I ordered this week not be arriving till I get BACK from NYC?

And who wants to come pack my stuff....

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  1. Shoes & wine? Sounds like you have everything you! Can't wait to hang out with you this weekend!!