Monday, October 29, 2012

Kinect Nat Geo TV review

Another game the boys are currently loving is Kinect Nat Geo TV.  It also hit the stores in mid September, blending the Nat Geo WILD TV programs with Kinect technology.  I loved how educational this game is!  The boys took turns picking a subject - like grizzly bears, mountain lions, wolverines and more.  They watch videos in which host Casey Anderson speaks to them and teaches them about the animal, before you get to interact with the video as well.

The Big Guy was loving the grizzly bear segment.  Casey talked about his very own grizzly bear (that's right, he has his own bear) and then the Big Guy got to answer questions and try and spot tracks.  His favorite part was watching himself turn into a bear on the screen.

After learning about how grizzly bears scratch and dig into rocks for protein rich moths, it was his turn (as a bear) to scratch into the rocks and eat the moths.  So much fun, as well as great exercise.  I love this so much more than just watching them sit on the couch and hit buttons.  I am a huge fan of Kinect.

The boys took turns through the first disc and can't wait to start on the second disc tomorrow.  They weren't too happy when it was time to shut it off.  I loved that they were learning things and exercising at the same time!

Kinect Nat Geo TV has an ESRB rating of 10+ (for everyone 10 and older), but my kids are 5 and 6 and aside from needing help reading the screen at times, it was not over their heads.  I would say younger kids can still definitely play with a little help from a parent.  The game retails for $29.99.

Still sitting on the fence?  Here is a review straight from the boys:

*Disclosure: I was given Kinect Sesame Street TV in exchange for our honest review. Opinions are all our own.

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