Monday, October 29, 2012

Kinect Sesame Street TV review

Have you checked out Kinect Sesame Street TV yet?  It only came out last month (mid September) and the boys are loving it.  I have to honestly tell you that I was not sure they would.  My guys were never 100% into Sesame Street when they were smaller and even then it was only the Elmo segments they would watch.  Also, being 5 and 6 I wondered if they would be too old for this game. 

I was completely wrong.  All three were very into the game and there were lots of giggles.  Proving that your child will like this game whether they are still fans of watching Sesame Street or not.  The boys spent quite awhile playing the game and are excited to pop it in again another time. 

Kinect Sesame Street TV lets kids have an interactive TV experience between their favorite episodes AND their favorite characters.  Children actively participate though gestures, moving their bodies (exercise right there) and talking with the characters  The boys loved seeing themselves on the screen!  Here is the Bunny Bee in the mirror.

And the Doodle Bop 'snapping a photo'.

The Big Guy even got to put himself IN Elmo's World!  Huge hit with the kids.  The game is rated EC for Early Childhood and retails for $29.99.

Still sitting on the fence?  Here is a review straight from the boys:

*Disclosure: I was given Kinect Sesame Street TV in exchange for our honest review.  Opinions are all our own.

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